Turbomachinery Engineers


  • FLEX LIVE FREE: - Calculate gas properties using Flexware’s Gas Flex BWR software.  Calculate specific volume, enthalpy, entropy, saturation temperature, specific heat, compressibility, viscosity, sonic velocity and K factor.
  • LABY FLEX: - Calculate Labyrinth Seal leakage flow rates. Laby Flex is based on A. Egli's equation for calculating Labyrinth Seal leakage for straight through or for interlocking (stepped) labyrinths.
  • FLOW FLEX: - A Fluid Flow Meter Program based on "Fluid Meters" ASME and Dietrerich Standard's "Annubar® Flow Handbook" for calculating flow rates in pipes using Orifice Plate and Annubar® brand Fluid Flow Meters.
  • HEAT FLEX: - Provides quick and accurate results for regenerative cycle steam systems. The Heat Flex® program will model steam systems with only one feedwater heater and up to a maximum of five feedwater heaters.  Both open direct contact heaters and close type heaters are available.  The steam turbine performance is estimated based on a user input overall efficiency.

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