Formula Mole Weight Critical Pressure Critical Temperature
C2H4 28.05 729.8 psia 48.6 F


General Description:

Classified as an alkene, ethene (or ethylene) is an unsaturated hydrocarbon containing one double carbon-carbon bond. It is composed of two hydrogens attached to each carbon molecule, thus allowing for one double bond between the carbons. Alkenes are also refered to as "olefins" due to their oil-forming characteristics. The location of the double bond determines the reactivity site, or functional group property. Alkenes are commonly used in synthesis reactions.

The smallest of the alkenes, ethene (ethylene), is a plant hormone which controls growth, seed germination, and fruit development. Other alkenes function as pheromones for insect communication including sex, alarm, and trail pheromones.

Pressure, psia 14.7 100 500
Temperature, F 60 200 300
Compressibility, (Z) 0.994 0.980 0.940
Enthalpy, Btu/lb (h)  159.0 211.2 246.6
Entropy, Btu/lb-R (s) 1.792 1.746 1.687
Specific Heat, Btu/mol-R(Cp) 0.363 0.431 0.503
k, (Cp/Cv)  1.242 1.196 1.164
Sonic velocity, ft/sec 1067 1170 1216
Specific volume, ft3/lb 13.4 2.47 0.546
Dynamic viscosity, lb/ft-sec 6.528E-06 8.168E-06 1.00E-05



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